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Working towards a no-kill tomorrow

You can become a guardian angel for animals in need by making a regular monthly donation. Guardian Angel Animal Rescue are looking for caring individuals to help contribute towards our cause and keep GAAR afloat.

At present, GAAR's outgoing costs are in excess of $8000 a month. This includes but is not limited to: weekly kennel rent, high quality kibble and raw food, non-routine veterinary care, extensive behaviour rehabilitation, administration costs and the list goes on!

Guardian Angel Animal Rescue is committed to caring for the dogs and puppies from remote aboriginal communities. This is never an easy task with transport drivers being few and far between, the animals arriving at all hours of the night and often needing immediate emergency veterinary care, parasite removal (bush ticks), quarantine protocols adhered to, and the hours of training and socialising that goes into making these dogs potential additions to family households. 

What do you get in return? 

A digital personalised, printable certificate, a monthly newsletter on the first of every month which may include but is not limited to: updates about the dogs in care and forever home updates, special cases with behind the scenes photos/footage, training videos of dogs in care and general training tips for your beautiful pets!  

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Angus was riddled with rickets. No one would help him - we could not turn him away.

Owners can often not afford the extensive vet treatment their dogs require. Angus' vet treatment cost over $10,000.

Kenneling is our biggest expense!

Without our kennels, we would not be able to assist anywhere near the number of dogs we currently do. Dogs who are in need of training and behavioural modification reside here with a trainer.

Without GAAR, remote community dogs would stand no chance.

Roxy was close to dying before she arrived in our care. Immediate vet treatment was required, and thanks to the generous donations of the public, Roxy's survived and found her very own forever home.